About Us

We want every fur-parent to be able to to give their fur-babies their best lives. That's why we've made what we believe are the best pet care products there are. We've made sure our products are made with the best of nature and completely stripped of the baddies. 

Our Story 

We are Fur-parents to five: Liev, Liam, Leilo, Levi & Libby. They bring us so much joy and, every single day, we simply wish that they’re having a great time. Sadly though, we lost our fourth fur-baby, Leilo, last 2019. He was so young – nine months old. We were reminded that life was truly short but even shorter for our fur-babies and they should be having swell time every single day of their lives.

However, giving our pets their best lives isn’t always easy. As our family grew, the more we realized that pet care products often tend to be either: too basic – which doesn’t give good efficacy benefits; or simply just medicated -- without beautiful sensory features that could bring joy & pleasure to you and your fur-baby.

Since then, we’ve put it upon ourselves to make a great pet care range. And, at last, we’re so excited to finally share it with you.

Our Philosophy

Leilo Pet Care was built through a true passion for pets. Every product is made with careful attention to detail, truly efficacious, while giving you a great sensory experience. As we were crafting our products, we also realized that the best for our pets mostly lies within the power of nature. That’s why we’ve meticulously chosen and put together botanical ingredients in every bottle. We’ve also completely stripped them of any baddies – parabens, sulfates, silicones, colorants, you name it! All these while keeping Mother Earth in mind by using locally farmed ingredients and sustainable packaging materials as much as we can.

We love the products we have made; our fur-babies love them too. With Leilo Pet Care, hugs are longer since they smell great all-day long, play can just keep going knowing that refreshing is just a spritz away, and more importantly, we know they're living their best lives. We hope you love Leilo Pet Care as much as our family does. Looking forward to hearing from you & your fur-baby.